For the Aptana users, here's how I manage to install ZenCoding? for Aptana in Windows 7 (I'm a new user to both Aptana and Zen Coding so sorry if there's something wrong with my method).

  1. Install Aptana (just follow the wizard, pretty straight-forward)
  2. Download ZenCoding? for Aptana from here:
  3. Unrar the file
  4. Open Aptana, go to New->Project. Now select Project under the General folder.
  5. Set zencoding as the Project Name. Press Finish
  6. On the left of your window you'll see a Ruby Explorer window with a zencoding folder. Right click and choose New->Folder. Set its name to scripts
  7. Browse on Windows to the folder generated by the file you un-rared (the one you downloaded from this site). Select all .js files and the lib folder, drag them to you Aptana window and drop them inside the scripts folder you created on the left.
  8. 8. Restart Aptana. Enjoy!
  9. Now you can create an HTML file (New->HTML File) and use it. For example, go inside the body tag and write: div#container>div#content>p

    Now press ALT+E and it'll be expanded.

    I hope that helps.

    Regards, Gonzalo González Mora